Valdez Duck Flats Weather Buoy   
Deployment location: Head of Port Valdez (61° 07.21'N 146° 17.48'W).

Most recent observations: 22 July 2024 18:00

Wind speed:                0.4 kts
Wind gust:                   0.9 kts
Wind direction:            S (171° true)
Air Temperature:         54.4 °F
Relative humidity:        98.4 %
Barometric pressure:   1020.5 mbar
Solar radiation:            78.5 W/m²

Surface Current Speed:         0.1 kts
Surface Current Direction:      67.8°

Wind and current roses (last 24h)
Following convention, the spokes on the wind rose indicate the direction wind is traveling from. The spokes on the current rose indicate direction the current is traveling to.
For both roses, the length of the spoke indicates frequency of that direction, and color indicates magnitude (refer to the color scale for each rose). That is, the largest spoke is the most common direction, and the hottest color is the largest value.
For more information please see this article on the use of wind roses.

Wind roseSurface Current Rose

Recent conditions (last 5 days):
Recent observations

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